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Home Lighting

Lighting is a key element of any home. All rooms need a variety of lighting to provide a warm and comfortable living environment. There are different rooms in every house; the reception, bedroom, living room or lounge, kitchen as well as those spaces which may not be for living but are used daily, such as hallways, stairways, garages and bathrooms.

The majority of rooms in any household contain various furniture and ornaments, which in turn play a great role in the thinking behind where your lighting should appear in each room. At Lights and Linen we have a vast selection of floor lamps, table lamps, pendants and lamp shades all selected to bring that luxurious feeling to any room. Our lighting selections will set the mood for your home day and night.

Our shades could provide a feasible option for any household when they wish to make inexpensive changes. Our floor lamps range from everyday options to those luxury options which will spark any conversation with your guests. Lights and Linen will provide you with lighting options which will make bold statements in different areas of your home. We hope to provide you with all your decorative lighting options under one roof. When thinking about your lighting scheme for your room, consider Lights and Linen as your lighting provider.


An ideal piece which can inspire any space in your home, whether its your sitting room, dining room, kitchen or entrance hall, Chandeliers are the perfect solution to completing your home. Our Selection of Chandeliers vary from stunning cut glass styles to retro candlestick styles. Chandeliers capture and reflect light beautifully adding that touch of glamour to any home. Have a look at the wonderful collection we hold at lights and linen and create that luxurious focal point for your entire home.

Lamp Shades

Any room in your home can be transformed in an instance. The most cost effective and stylish way is by changing your lamp shade. Lamp shades add a visual interest to your ceiling and table lamps. At lights and linen you will discover a range of fabulous lamp shades ideal for table, ceiling and floor lamps. invite your guests into a new space every time they walk into your home.

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